The Third Age

The Third Age

The Third Age is now considered by many to be the “golden years” of adulthood. It is generally defined as the span of time between retirement and … well let’s just say as long as possible a time after that!

Traditionally retirees went from an active work life to a relatively inactive retirement, had a shorter life span and comprised a minority of the population.

So the Third Age is a relatively new phenomenon as the population has begun to live longer and the volume of people in this age category has increased. Indeed, this trend is set to continue and retirees can now look forward to a long spell of “golden years”.

This is a time of life when there are fewer responsibilities, the pace is slower and, with adequate financial resources and good health, people can look to a range of new possibilities and opportunities.

“The third age is a development, not a destination”

Researchers are finding that golden agers now have a younger attitude, are looking for outlets to be active, creative and involved in society at all levels.

When Phyllis Foley and Therese Foley came up with the idea of establishing a retirement association in Youghal little did they realise that there would be 90 members within four months.

However, this figure simply confirms the fact that many golden agers in Youghal still want to be involved and active, and see this third age as a development, not a destination.

Youghal Active Retirement Association will continue to grow and develop with the members and we look forward to long years of involvement for all of us.

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years – Abraham Lincoln