Newsletter April 30th 2021

Welcome to our Monthly News 

…And the good news is that many of our members have now been vaccinated and are looking forward to breaking back into the world!

Grant Awards

We are delighted to announce that we have received support grants from Youghal Credit Union and from Cork Count Council. These grants have allowed us to complete our website, develop our podcast format and plan a range of outdoor activities later this summer.

We thank both organisations for their continued support.

Outdoor Activities

In response to our members comments and suggestions we have now planned a range of outdoor activities which will commence when lockdown ends, and we are free to meet in numbers.

These activities include outdoor Yoga, Nordic Pole walking, Surf walking, outdoor Art Classes, Senior Cycling and guided Town Walks.

The Water Tower by Tommy Crowley

The Water Tower by Tommy Crowley
The Water Tower by Tommy Crowley


As our activities begin again, we would like to welcome other “olders” over the age of 55 to join our group. The membership fee is only €15 per annum, or €25 for a couple. This gives us full insurance cover and an affiliation with Active Retirement Ireland.

Join us and you can have the good times too!

 Simply look up our website on ,leave your name and number in the contact section and we will revert to you immediately.

Scams and Frauds

Recent news reports highlight the increase in the number of scams and frauds, particularly related to credit cards.

Fraudsters go to elaborate lengths to make the scams look legitimate by posing as tradespeople, Government officials or pretending to be from your bank or credit card company.

Older people are particularly vulnerable and have become a target for these scams.

Here are some tips for protecting yourself against fraud:

  • If you are not sure about a caller to your door, always ask for ID and if you have any suspicions always call the Gardai 
  • Your bank or credit card company will never ask for details over the phone, so if you are asked for that information just hang up and contact the provider immediately.
  • Never click on a link on your phone or computer – go to the website using the official address
  • If an email looks suspicious always delete it

If you would like further information on how best to protect yourself visit the following sites:

Our YARA support group is available for members who may need help – this includes grocery runs, books through the library, or emergency maintenance work, or you can always call us just to have a chat…

If you have any interesting news or ideas, please send them to – – also visit our Facebook page for our regular updates and where you can comment or post your own items… 

  YARA … Be Active… but stay safe…