Newsletter February 2nd, 2021

This is a short story, written by one of our members - to cheer your heart and inspire your spirits.

Welcome to Spring – there is a stretch in the evenings, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – we hope it puts a Spring in your step. 

This is a short story, written by one our members – to cheer your heart and inspire your spirits.


By Peggie Biessmann.

‘Do you mind if I sit at your table?’

The voice made me look up from where I was toiling over my letter. An old lady stood there, balancing a tray with a pot of tea and a scone on it and looking anxiously at me.

‘Of course not,’ I said, trying to hide my irritation. It was difficult enough to write an apology to my grandfather for not turning up for his birthday without having a stranger sitting there watching me. Not for the first time, I wished grandad would use social media. This would all have been much easier in a WhatsApp or even an email. Or, if his hearing wasn’t so dodgy, I could have phoned and explained how busy I’d been and the date had simply slipped my mind.

 ‘Don’t let me disturb you,’ she shook the raindrops off her coat and sat down opposite me. ‘That looks like an important letter,’ she added, obviously trying to be polite. 

‘It’s only to my grandfather,’ I said, and I knew I sounded a bit defiant.

‘Your grandfather! How nice of you to write to him. No one writes these days.’

‘I suppose not,’ I said.

‘I wish my son could write to me,’ she said. ’He died last year.’ She waved a dismissive hand to forestall any mumblings of sympathy. ‘Please – don’t let me disturb you.’

After she had left, I sat for a long time looking down at my unfinished letter. Then I stowed it away in my jacket pocket, paid my bill, and left. I’d go and see grandad instead of writing.

Many thanks to Peggie for these poignant lines.

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